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Harbinger of Spring – no matter what the thermometer says

I left for Arizona in the bitter cold and returned to not much better.  Piles of snow remained.  No crocuses poking their leaves through the cold ground, on March 10, within his usual arrival window, the male osprey sat atop his bachelor’s quarters of his Brewer’s Pond domain.  Despite our hellacious weather, he had come from Central or South America back to his summer home to open up the “house” and prepare it for his new family.

Even though the osprey arrives on time, I still hold my breath until the female arrives.  Surely the perils that a small bird could encounter on such a fight tip the scales against a safe return.  Yet, on my March 13 walk, the male grabbed my attention as he swooped down from a branch over my head clutching a fish.  I followed the arc of his flight, and it led right to her.  She was perched on the platform of the bachelor’s quarters.  Evidently he hadn’t quite finished the nest on the neighboring piling.

By the next day I saw her busy arranging the sticks to her liking. He was sitting on his perch surveying his domain.  We may be in for another snow storm, and I will worry about them if it comes, but, I take heart from the unshakable faith of these two that better times will come

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